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Battle in universe OGame.de Fenrir!

The following fleets met in battle:
[HW-M] MzudemL vs. [DTvF] Chief Indus

Attacker MzudemL
Type Large Cargo Cruiser
Total 115 400


Defender Chief Indus
Type Rocket Launcher Light Laser
Total 542 645


Attacker MzudemL
Type Large Cargo Cruiser
Total 112 400


Defender Chief Indus destroyed

The attacker won the battle! He captured 716.523 metal, 1.117.635 crystal and 712.891 deuterium.

The attacker lost a total of 36.000 units.
The defender lost a total of 2.374.000 units.
At these space coordinates now float 9.000 metal and 9.000 crystal.

385 Rocket Launcher, 503 Light Laser could be repaired.

Total result (incl. follow ups and harvest reports)
Attacker Defender
1.050.862 Metal -2.068.362
1.652.453 Crystal -1.802.953
1.068.901 Deuterium -1.068.901
3.772.216 Total -4.940.216
-297 Honorpoints 0
Harvest reports
none available
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