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# Universe Date Attacker Defender
1 Quantum 11.04.2016 [LOS] BaTTaL, Solidarity, [Reality] ViS, [LOS] MindWar, [Ususpect] Firestorm [RIO_1] W4R_MaChINE, [RIO_1] BigBoy, [RIO_1] Hummer 1.172.473.232.000
2 Zagadra 05.03.2019 [Ingsoc] Sidious Bambi Killer, [Ingsoc] Sidious Bot User, [Ingsoc] Durst, [Ingsoc] peevs, [Ingsoc] Dear Mom [e-KoLo] H2K 762.499.433.000
3 Electra 20.09.2017 Welti, [FlAmE] BlueEyedDragon, [FlAmE] Hetzer, [FlAmE] Skrill4x, [FlAmE] FleetNIX [ijag] DevilsToy 582.861.837.000
4 Orion 09.11.2016 ExXo, Angi, knochenbrecher Anytime 399.239.076.000
5 Fornax 10.07.2018 [FUTURAMA] PushAviles, [ReBeLDeS] MoleculaO3, [ReBeLDeS] Duo to returned, [ReBeLDeS] kcike [L U] asenoc 380.468.860.000
6 Quantum 06.02.2019 [SoHo] ArCade, [SoHo] Fornax, [SoHo] j0sSs [GameOver] Chino STRIK 343.280.202.000
7 Galatea 22.01.2019 [B-G] Carpect, [FOX] Life, [FOX] Life is My Master, [Saviors] HeiSen, [FOX] LCDF [.ZerG.] Ghostface 332.220.533.000
8 50 18.07.2018 [LoCoMiA] blaze, [CyloN] El Labrador, [LoCoMiA] teticoheti [Cantera] The Kenshin 290.963.306.000
9 Quantum 11.02.2019 [SoHo] asenoc, [SoHo] j0sSs, [SoHo] narc0, [SoHo] Aviles, [CyloN] RuRi [GameOver] EDDlE
10 Cygnus 13.01.2019 [CLOSED] Death Angel, [CLOSED] PushxMExLuka, [CLOSED] samson 1956, [CLOSED] improve, drog5 [HOT] Scar, [HOT] NEW OWNER, [HOT] lIlllIllIIIIIIlI 277.741.086.500
11 Quantum 20.05.2018 Marys legenda 275.837.871.000
12 Fornax 11.03.2018 [FUTURAMA] Pere, [FUTURAMA] Minion [SoHo] Estrella Galicia 268.267.477.000
13 Antares 28.02.2019 [Order] LostInSpace, [Order] der kleine Prinz, [Order] cevapcici [NBA] Koenig von Antaris 266.939.521.000
14 Antares 28.02.2019 [Order] LostInSpace, [Order] der kleine Prinz, [Order] cevapcici [NBA] Koenig von Antaris 266.939.521.000
15 Vega 25.10.2018 [MUPPETS] Jossa, [MUPPETS] letssled, [MUPPETS] Arcane, [Defiance] kloshar, [MUPPETS] Xu Xin [Exiles] Spartacus 246.418.190.000
16 OGame.pioneers 802 29.11.2018 NoMoreAngel deep space 235.653.970.000
17 Quantum 02.03.2019 Kaizen lille mus 2, Karma, N1xorn3m3s7s, StrayCat, Toph 220.618.527.000
18 Zagadra 23.02.2019 [e-KoLo] Dr4cKy [Adven] Negan, [L.A.O] Stilgar is mad, [Adven] Galactic_Explorer, [Adven] Cynos, [Adven] Bernie Sanders 214.972.638.000
19 Libra 28.04.2018 [GPL] hello kitty, [AGGRO] Scrop, [AGGRO] Der Unfaehige, [AGGRO] Donatello, [AGGRO] Who [iBIMs] h4rdcor3, [iBIMs] Brigada, [eco] John, [GPL] Beyond, [iBIMs] KiDi 210.374.176.000
20 Electra 08.02.2016 [[R]] Stormtrooper, [ijag] DevilsToy, [SDR] Xydro, [BUHA] MoH [FlAmE] Whiteshadow 206.385.135.000

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